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We are the Civic Alliance,
a non-partisan group of businesses
working together to build a future
where everyone participates in
shaping our country.
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Participation is fundamental to a healthy, functioning democracy.

Yet, in recent U.S. elections, nearly half of eligible voters didn’t participate.

In 2020, a global pandemic, growing civil unrest, and polarizing politics are challenging our democracy in new ways.

As a growing coalition of businesses, we strengthen our democracy by supporting safe, healthy and trusted elections, and by inspiring our employees and customers to participate in civic life.

We aspire for historic voter turnout in 2020 and beyond, with a goal to achieve 80% voter turnout by 2028.

We have a ways to go, but by working together, we will create a culture where civics matter and every vote counts.

We're 100% In for democracy. Top CEOs join the Civic Alliance with commitments to strengthen our democracy and encourage participation. See the full list of CEO statements HERE



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Member Resources & Events

Our members have access to a range of exclusive tools, resources and events to help craft their nonpartisan civic initiatives. And, we offer a Civic Concierge service that provides coaching and program planning support. Membership is free – join today!

Election Day of Service

The Civic Alliance is activating its network of corporate members to address the country's urgent need for new poll workers, and safe and accessible elections in 2020.

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Civic Alliance Pledge

We believe the strength of the United States lies in its people, each with the power and the potential to shape the future of our country.

Together, our companies have the platform and the reach to encourage every American to speak up, achieving the promise of their participation.

Like all Americans, our companies have unique values. Yet we are united in envisioning a future where everyone is engaged in civics, starting with voting in every election.

As a nonpartisan alliance, we will:

Encourage our American audiences to participate in elections

Empower our U.S. employees to vote and be civically active

Champion civic engagement opportunities in our U.S. communities

Our businesses have benefited from Americans’ support. Today we stand committed to supporting all Americans as they shape our nation’s future.

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2020 Census

The Civic Alliance is helping businesses work toward a complete and accurate count in 2020 because we know how important Census data is for our companies, our communities, and our country.

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