Meeting America's Urgent Need This Election


Founded by the CAA Foundation and Democracy Works, the Civic Alliance strengthens our democracy by cultivating an enduring community of companies that supports safe, healthy and trusted elections and inspires every American to participate in shaping our country’s future. Our member companies include Amazon, Bad Robot, Blue Apron, Estee Lauder, Gap Inc, iHeartMedia, Instagram, Levi Strauss & Co, Microsoft, Snap Inc., Spotify, Starbucks, Target, Uber, Univision, VerizonMedia and ViacomCBS, among many others.


The Civic Alliance is activating its network of corporate members and partners to address the country’s urgent need for new poll workers and elections volunteers in 2020. Through its Election Day of Service initiative, the Civic Alliance aims to identify 250,000 new poll workers and elections volunteers to support safe and secure elections this November.


Across the country, elections officials are sounding the alarm about potential poll worker shortages and shuttered polling places in November. Even as states rush to expand mail voting options, more than half the U.S. electorate is expected to vote in person this year. Top elections experts have suggested that as many as 500,000 new poll workers and elections volunteers may be required to keep the polls open, and thousands of new polling locations will be needed nationwide.

Four simultaneous challenges threaten access to safe in-person voting in 2020:
  • Social distancing reduces the capacity of existing polling places, and health concerns will make many buildings – including senior centers, nursing homes, and some schools – unavailable as voting sites.
  • The need to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) and other services (i.e., masks, sanitizer, hand washing stations, etc.) to poll workers and voters will require a large number of additional volunteers at polling sites.
  • Historic turnout will increase stress at all levels of the election system.
  • Many poll workers who’ve served in previous elections will choose to opt out in 2020 due to heightened health risks associated with COVID exposure. Nearly half of the 1,000,000 poll workers in the 2016 election were over age 60, and a quarter were over 70.


The Civic Alliance is committed to safer voting options and access to the polls for all. With a membership representing more than 80 of America’s leading companies and a reach of over 2.2 million employees, together we are here to answer the call for additional poll workers this November.

We are calling for a national Election Day of Service, encouraging our members and other businesses to provide paid time off for employees who volunteer as poll workers, elections volunteers or participate in other civic engagement activities. By encouraging companies to close or host their company-wide service days on Election Day, employers can serve their communities by ensuring their local polling locations are appropriately and safely staffed.

Together with our partners, the Civic Alliance is developing a suite of new resources, campaign materials and digital tools to support the Election Day of Service initiative.

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Election Day of Service is being developed in collaboration with the following organizations and institutions:

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