We're 100% In for democracy

Each of our companies is unique. Yet, we are united by these nonpartisan values: Every American has a voice in our democracy. Voting should be safe and accessible to all. Elections should be fair and transparent.

We, the undersigned:

  1. 1

    Call for safe access to the polls for all voters.

  2. 2

    Recognize state and local election officials as the trusted source for certified results.

  3. 3

    Encourage patience as officials count every vote.

America’s democracy is strong. Our strength lies in our people – each with the power to shape our country’s future.

We celebrate the record number of Americans who are voting in this election. We thank poll workers, the essential workers for our democracy. And, we reaffirm that election outcomes are determined by the will of voters.

As our country carries out this historic election in the midst of a pandemic, we are confident that America will meet this moment and continue to serve as a beacon of freedom for the world.

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