Resources and Events

We support the business community with tools, resources, and events to help craft their nonpartisan civic initiatives. We also offer a Civic Concierge service that provides coaching and program planning available to members.

Members have access to a whole suite of resources, from evergreen civic messaging tools and a quick start guide to stand up civic programming, to communications guidance for key civic moments and reactive social media toolkits. Most of our resources are developed exclusively for members.

Resources & Toolkits

2023 Quick Start Guide

Build and launch your civic plans for this year with our 2023 Quick Start Guide. It has our latest recommendations for you to create a voter-friendly workplace, encourage your audiences to vote, go beyond voting, and share your civic story.

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2024 Elections Toolkit

Everything you need to champion local and state elections, educate your audiences about the elected positions + key races on their ballots, and connect employees and customers with valuable voter resources.

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Civic Storylines Toolkit

Our resource to help content creators authentically and impactfully integrate civic themes into their filmes, TV shows, podcast episodes and more! Developed in partnership with CAA, Comedy Central, MTV and Spotify.

Civic Alliance Events

We support the business community with a range of virtual events and briefings featuring experts, business leaders, and non-profit partners. The Civic Alliance community also enjoys opportunities to connect with their peers in the business sector to learn and grow together.

Past event topics include:

  • 2022 Midterm Elections: lessons learned from the primaries
  • Tackling Misinformation Ahead of Election Day
  • Cultivating a Workplace Culture of Belonging
  • Stadiums As Effective Polling Sites